I don’t really have resolutions, but I liked the thought of choosing a word as an intention for the new year. After thinking for some time, I settled on the word “commitment.”

There are a few reasons why I wanted this to be my word. First and foremost, I wanted to work this year on my follow-through. Over the past few years I have thrown out a lot of goals/things I wanted, and not many have come to fruition. I lost a bit of my perseverance in many things, and I am done with setting goals and abandoning them. I want to commit myself to seeing things through.

Second, I want to be really careful in selecting the things to which I commit myself. I am the person who has a difficult time saying no. I also tend to do things myself over delegating or sharing workloads because I want to maintain control. I want to prioritize my commitments and make sure I am spending my time doing the things that are really important to me and to my family. I need to define these things far better than I have previously.

The purpose of redthirtysix.com is for me to keep my commitment intentions in check. I wanted a place where I could both track my progress and talk through my challenges as well as share with others so that I feel more accountability. I hope you enjoy following along with me as I outline what is happening in 2018 and that maybe you find a little inspiration along the way.